Please find below some information you may find useful when considering ordering a search and engaging the services of Nationwide Tracing based upon enquiries we receive from customers.

How do you find people?

We use a variety of different sources, including supplied client information, public domain information databases, social media, data from Sales and Marketing surveys and dependent upon the nature of the enquirer, Credit Reference Agency data to locate a new address for the individual.

Searches through Credit Reference Agencies such as Equifax and Experian are the most common tracing tools used by tracing agencies. The name, date of birth and, in some cases, the last known address will be provided to the Credit Reference Agency via a data link and this will then search the databases for a potential credit link to a new address and, if successful, they supply this to us.

Generally our success rate is greater than 95% when we have been provided with name, previous address and a reasonably accurate estimate of the targets age.

We will provide you with the current address of the subject which will have been verified via two separate information sources and is guaranteed to be a current address for the subject on the date the report is generated.

We underwrite this information for 30 days, so in the event you feel the information is incorrect we will recheck and if necessary retrace the target free of any any further charges.

How quickly will I get the results?

The results of general trace inquiries will, In most cases be with you in a couple of days. Contractually it is a five working day service but we always aim to produce your results as quickly as we can. Historical cases may though take several weeks as we may need to obtain copies of birth and marriage certificates which often take a while to arrive.

What happens if you can't find the person I am searching for?

If we can’t find your person there is no charge for our efforts. In certain cases you may require a letter for court indicating the steps we have taken and providing a statement to the effect that it is not possible to trace the target. If required a cost will be agreed prior to proceeding with the production of the document.

Do you take card payments over the phone?

We don’t have anything in place to accept card payments over the phone but you will be able to pay in the following ways:

  • Use a Debit or Credit card and pay on-line.
  • Make a payment in your local bank using our account details
  • Send a cheque by post
  • Pay directly into your bank account using Internet banking
  • Use a PayPal account

What information do I need to supply?

Ideally you should be able to provide:

  • The name of the person
  • An address at which they have previously lived
  • A rough idea of their current age.

Having said that we can often find people without a previous address and the age is not absolutely necessary.

What happens if the information provided by Nationwide Tracing is incorrect?

We underwrite all our supplied information for a 30 day guarantee period.
In the very unlikely circumstance that the information we have provided is incorrect or even on those occasions when your target has moved on. Then we will retrace them free of any further charges. If after a period of six weeks we have been unable to locate a further new address then we will refund your payment in full.

Will the person know I am trying to trace them ?

No! We do not contact the individual.

Can I trace long lost relatives and friends

Off Course!

We will be happy to accept your trace instructions here: Family & Friend Tracing

No matter what caused you to lose touch – our investigators will use our Genealogy know how together with our more modern technical tracing tools to re-connect you.

Occasionally this will take just just a few hours – equally these traces are more complicated that the normal day to day work that we undertake and so occasionally it takes a little longer.

It’s always No Find – No Fee with a fixed price per successful trace. It may be necessary to purchase copies of various certificates to support the trace and the cost of these will be payable regardless of the outcome. We will hough always seek your permission prior to making any purchases.

If my case is negative will you refund me?

If you have chosen to prepay for your trace and we are unable to locate your missing person. We will refund your payment as soon as we determine that we are not able to provide any results. This would normally be within a maximum of one week of accepting your instruction.

All submissions are subject to our standard terms of service