Tenant Tracing

Provides current address for ex-tenant

  • Best UK Price from – £35 or even £30 if you choose to pre-pay
  • Always No Find – No Fee
  • All Prices exclude VAT

Our investigators can cross reference numerous data bases to identify the current residential address for your missing person.

Not to be confused with many other supposed tracing agents that only have access to the Electoral Roll we will be comparing, private subscription only systems that collate data from credit applications, company appointments, utility and phone billing as well as marketing surveys and Post Office redirects.

Many of these systems are updated on a daily basis, ensuring the supply of new addresses at the very earliest opportunity.

Our services are available based upon a five working day turnaround, we will however often deliver your results within a day or two. If you require an immediate turnaround there is an option to pay a little more for a guaranteed 24 hour service.

We will provide you with the current address of the subject which will have been verified and traced via two separate tracing information sources by our expert tracing agents and is guaranteed to be a current address for the subject on the date the trace report is generated. We underwrite this trace agent information for 42 days (from the date of our invoice), so in the event you feel the information is incorrect or the target moves on within this period we will retrace the case for you free of any further charges, ultimately refunding your payment in the very unlikely event that we are not able to supply a further current address..

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