Data Protection

In most cases we will profile any subjects names through the live credit databases that we have access to. This may leave “footprints” under the search purpose that you have provided to us on the subject’s credit file.

Except in cases where it is considered not necessary. Eg. Public Information-Manual-searches

If your Instruction is a trace and dependent upon the information we obtain from these databases will then determine further enquiries such as obtaining telephone numbers for addresses at which we believe your subject may be located. We may also utilise other public databases and/or Registries that we feel would be of value in this enquiry. E.g. The Family Records Office, Land Registry, Gazette etc. etc

Once this research has been completed we may then conduct enquiries by telephone at and around the locations identified. At no stage will we divulge to a third party any personal data relating to the Data Subject.

Whatever the instruction, we confirm that no part of this enquiry will be sub-contracted to any other agent without your prior approval. We also confirm that no information concerning the Data Subject given to us by yourselves, or obtained during the course of this enquiry, will be used for any other purpose.

At all stages of enquiries we recognise that we are acting as your Data Processor, and as such we will comply totally with the Data Protection Act and the guidelines contained within the 8 Principles.