Use Facebook to fin old friends and family

Use Facebook to Find Someone

FaceBook is becoming a great resource for research and tracing, firstly there is the data that a subject may enter into their profile which can include workplaces, telephone contact numbers and also of course there is the many pictures which can reveal clues as to someone’s whereabouts.

You can also look at connections and where these people are located to give you some general clues as to the persons whereabouts. Of course you will need to be very familiar with the tricks on the tech giants platform to leverage the tracing data your are attempting to source and the subjects security setting will need to have been not set too high so that you can access the relevant information to help in your tracing 

It is a complicated task tracing and locating people which is normally best left to an expert trace agent who for a small fee can locate the subject normally within just 24 hours. 

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